R&L Fleet Management - Smart Dual Facing Dash Cam

Smart Dual Dash Cam with Multi-Camera DVR System Integrated with Telematics

Intelligent Dash Cams for your Fleet, Safety, and Peace of Mind with Optional Dashcam Expansions

Improve Overall Fleet Security, Monitor In-Cab Driver Activity & Protect Against False Claims

Video Proof Your Fleet

Got in an accident? Protect against false claims and quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case .Never get caught up in a “he said, she said“ situation again.

Improve Fleet Safety

Driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding are labeled and auto-uploaded to the cloud with the exact time and location of events.

Investigate & Resolve Incidents

Remotely log in to any vehicle to watch real-time live video. Capture matching videos to be used for driver training and discipline.

White Label

For integrators, we provide robust API’s so you can easily integrate our camera system into any web application.