Image of PII TMX Plus Wireless Temperature Monitoring by R&L Fleet Management

PII TMX+ Wireless Temperature Monitoring

A Remote Wireless Temperature Monitoring Device For Tracking Valuable Perishable Goods inside Pallets, Cargo, Parcels, Trailers or Shipping Containers.

Small-Sized, Fits in Parcels & Cargo | Extremely Long Battery life | Wireless Temperature Monitoring | IP67 Waterproof Enclosure | Alerts on Temperature Change

A Battery Powered Temperature Monitoring Device For The Cold-Chain

The PII TMX+ is the leading wireless remote temperature monitoring solution enabling real-time location and temperature tracking of valuable perishable goods inside pallets, cargo, parcels ,trailers or shipping containers. By simply inserting the device within the desired area, users gain 24/7 visibility & control into the location and temperature status of all their perishable goods, while drastically cutting the risk of cargo loss and asset damage. The unit is packaged in an IP67 waterproof enclosure with integrated GPS and cellular antennas & equipped with a rechargeable lithium back up battery with an extremely long battery life and an external digital temperature sensor with +/- 0.5˚ C, +/- 0.9˚F accuracy. Automated alarms also enable rapid response to equipment malfunctions and other critical conditions that could jeopardize valuable perishable shipments.


Digital Temperature Sensor

Sustains up to 6 wired digital temperature sensors, with an accuracy of +/- 0.5˚C, +/- 0.9˚F.

Exceptionally Long Battery life

Able to transmit up to 5,000 messages when packaged with a 7800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery as backup.


Any temperature changes will cause an immediate alerts to be sent.

User Friendly

Send SMS commands to the PII TMX+ Over-the-Air for easy re-configuring.

IP67 Waterproof Enclosure

The IP67 waterproof enclosure with integrated GPS and cellular antennas will weather the elements.

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