Powered by Google Maps and packaged with our industry-leading hardware solutions, we provide the industry’s most advanced fleet management and asset tracking platform. Easy for you to use and navigate, providing you with real-time visibility and operational control of your fleet activity.

A Complete Solution

One unified platform to streamline your business and lower costs for Fleet management, temperature monitoring, driver safety and more.

Easy to Use

At one glance, see key trends by teams, department or across your entire fleet.

One Smart Map

View real-time activity and current status across all your vehicles and assets, and remove map related chaos with smart clustering.

Access from Anywhere

Cloud based solution enabling you to stay in control whether in the field, at home or in the office.

Features – A Seamlessly Integrated Hardware & Software Platform Delivering All The Features Your Fleet Needs

Engine Diagnostics

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts, and improve vehicle maintenance and lower vehicle down-time with real time engine fault code alarms.

Driver Behavior Monitoring System

Monitor your drivers for sudden braking, sudden acceleration, sharp lane swerve, hard turning, and speeding. Enabling you to identify and train reckless drivers and improve your overall fleet safety.


Lower dangerous speeding events by gaining real-time visibility into your drivers real speed vs posted speed limits.

Geofence Boundaries

Set up boundaries around specific geographical areas such as your company yard or operational jurisdiction locations and be notified when your vehicles enter and exit a boundary. You can even set a boundary within a boundary!

ELD Compliance

Meet the DOT Mandate for ELD with the industry’s easiest to use, all-in-one compliance solution.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Make real-time temperature monitoring simple and easy with our robust hardware solutions, lower spoilage related costs and meet FSMA compliance.

In-Cab WiFi Hotspot

Increase driver productivity, lower cellular costs and make ELD compliance more affordable with in-cabin WiFi.


Gain complete visibility and streamline the DVIR process for your drivers with paperless vehicle inspections, saving paperwork and increasing productivity by a better and more productive management.

Smart Labels

Seamlessly create or import an unlimited number of landmarks for customer locations, employees addresses, and any other frequently visited locations. Landmarks increase productivity by making it easier for you to dispatch, set up more efficient routes, quickly locate the nearest vehicle for a job, and more.

IFTA Fuel Tax Report

Makes filing your quarterly Fuel Tax filings a breeze. Automatically track mileage for each vehicle per state, with breakdown of toll road usage, and fuel purchased in each state.

Fleet Maintenance

Schedule periodic maintenance such as oil change, filter change, tire check, or any other maintenance task and be notified when a particular vehicle is getting close to the scheduled task.


Track excessive idling, keep your vehicles in better shape and reduce fuel costs.


Monitor in real-time and produce comprehensive reports of the tire pressure throughout your fleet, improving your overall fleet and vehicle safety.

GPS Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking and play-back your vehicles route history in a breadcrumb trail.


Gain real-time visibility to the current status of your PTO, and produce comprehensive reports of PTO usage.

Group Hierarchies

Easily meet your organizational needs by setting up different group levels for different security levels and dispatch areas.

Asset Tracking

Monitor and track all of your assets to improve safety, security and utilization.

Time Zones/Languages

Multi-language and worldwide time-zone support.

Fueling Tracking

Track fueling events and even have your drivers scan their fuel receipts.

API Support

Improve the speed and efficiency of your organization with robust API’s. Our GPS tracking devices with api support make it easy for you to get reports data, make changes to your fleet on the fly, integrate with other enterprise systems or even build custom dashboards.

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