R&L Fleet Management - PII ATX

PII ATX – Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracker

The #1 Asset Tracking Device With An Extremely Long Battery Life Of Up To 5 Years, Up To 3000 GPS Check-Ins.

*Available On 4G LTE Networks Worldwide

The most advanced, and reliable GPS asset tracking device, The battery powered Piccolo ATX can operate for up to 5 years of tracking, up to 3000 GPS positions, on two standard off the shelf Type C High Current lithium batteries, reducing maintenance costs, providing inventory control and allowing you to rapidly detect & recover stolen equipment.

R&L Fleet Management - PII ATX Diagram


5 years of Battery Operation

Powered by two standard off the shelf Type C High Current lithium batteries, that report up to 3,000 positions. The batteries are easily replaced, reducing maintenance to a minimum!

IP67 Waterproof Enclosure

Robust, IP67 waterproof enclosure.

SMS Commands

Reconfigure the PII ATX by sending SMS commands.

Theft Protection

Asset tracking device alerts on unauthorized movement or vibration, reporting for the duration of vibration and allowing to respond quickly to theft.

Alarm Link

PII ATX can be supplied with a dry contact IO event or open loop detection that wakes up the unit and sends an alarm when an event occurs.

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