The PII Hybrid Plus is the most advanced & versatile dual mode GPS Trailer Tracker Device designed specifically for Trailer Tracking.

R&L Fleet Management - PII Hybrid+

PII Hybrid Plus

The PII Hybrid Plus is a complete trailer tracking solution designed for your trailer tracking needs, automatically switching from regular vehicle tracking mode to asset tracking mode when external power is disconnected, providing comprehensive visibility for trailers parked at job sites waiting to be unloaded and reloaded.

*Available On 4G LTE Networks Worldwide

Features – Modular Design, Pick The Functionalities You Need

5+ Year Battery Life

Packaged in a robust IP67 waterproof enclosure with a large 7800 mA rechargeable lithium back up battery that enables the unit to send up to 5000 GPS locations on a single charge.

Extensive Trailer Visibility

Whether pairing truck to trailer or just knowing when your trailer is disconnected your visibility will be clear and complete.

Zero Maintenance

Device recharges while the trailer is hooked up to a truck for zero maintenance.

Temperature Monitoring

For temperature controlled trailers, device lets you monitor up to 6 different cold zones simultaneously, for maximum temperature monitoring and control.

Engine Diagnostics

Supports CANbus OBDII, K-Line, J1939, and J1708 protocols and will report when available data including: fuel consumption, oil pressure, distance travelled, RPM, and more.


2 digital inputs, 1 digital output and 1 analog input allow for various types of sensors such as pressure, temperature, engine on/off, vibration alarm, door open/close and more.

Driver Behavior

Detects and reports extreme driving behavior such as sudden acceleration, sudden lane crossing, sharp turns and sudden braking.

Programmable Geo-Fence Reporting

Change the frequency of transmitting GPS when entering a pre-configured Geo-fence boundary.

Auto Alerts

Auto alert when and where the external power is connected / disconnected.

Over-The-Air Configuration

Easily reconfigure the PII Hybrid+ OTA or by sending SMS commands.

SMS Alerts

When an event is detected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ is programmable to send an SMS alarm to mobile phones together with the current GPS coordinates.

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