Have you ever lost a really expensive piece of equipment? If you have, you already know how costly, frustrating, time consuming, and somewhat humbling of an experience that can be.

At R&L Fleet Management, we’re offering an end to those headaches through our easy to use and cost effecting Mini Tags solution to track your small construction tools, landscaping tools, etc.

If you’re interested, we’re here to help! Contact us today and we’ll get you started as easy as 1-2-3.

Angelina Liner

I'm the founder of R&L Fleet Management. I started this company because I saw what I believed was a viable, growing business opportunity. And you know what? It is! But the real reason I stayed is because I love it. If you speak “fleet” then let me ask you this: 1. Do you know where your fleet is at all times? 2. Would two-way communication enhanced with video provide greater fleet optimization? 3. Are you looking for an affordable, turnkey way to comply with DOT regulation? 4. Can you describe your current provider as delivering superior training and service? If you or someone you know is managing a fleet – nationally or locally – from two in-town vehicles to a fleet of 2,000 18-wheelers - I can help drive bottom line savings, and it would be my pleasure to do so.