Introducing The Revolutionary Mini IoT Tags For Equipment & Tool Tracking

Easily tag any high value asset, tool or equipment with the small & robust Mini IoT Tags to gain visibility on your entire asset inventory, maximize asset utilization rates, prevent theft and know the last location of every asset or tool.

We offer 2 options for equipment and tool tracking integrated with fleet management:

1. Via PII Telematics Device: In addition to its many fleet management functionalities, it functions as an IoT gateway.
• A PII telematics unit (acting as an RF gateway) is plugged via a plug and play harness to the ECM in the truck. The PII unit provides GPS, maintenance, engine diagnostics and driver behavior.
• When an asset is dropped off or picked up, the location and time of drop off are recorded and can be reviewed on the platform.
• Once the job is completed, if an asset is forgotten once the vehicle starts moving, drivers are alerted to missing assets via SMS message to their smart phone/tablet.  

2. Via your Driver’s Smartphone: Use our app and turn your Driver’s Phone or Tablet into a GPS Tracker, Two way messaging and IoT router for tool & asset tracking. 
• Track your tools through your mobile to gain tool visibility into key data including tool pick up, drop off, location and by whom.
• Simply mount the mini IoT tags to your power tools or portable equipment.
• Tags are self-powered and offer a battery life span that can last an incredible three-years.
• When a tool is removed from the vehicle at a job site, the location and time of drop off are recorded.
• When the job is completed and a tool is left behind once the vehicle starts moving, drivers get a message to their mobile, alerting them of the missing tool. 

You have different requirements, we offer different Tags to choose from

Mini IoT Tag: Coin battery operated up to 16 months. RFID range up to 50ft. 1.41″ x 1.41″ x .22″ (36*36*5.6mm) 

Mini IoT Waterproof Tag: Can better withstand harsh conditions such as precipitation, temperature change and water exposure. IP67 Waterproof enclosure. RFID range up to 50ft. Battery life of up to 3 years, Non-replaceable. 
Applications include: 
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