TIRED OF REPLACING TOOLS? Mini Tags offers a great tool tracking solution!

R&L Fleet Management offers a variety of Tracking Solutions. One of these solutions is Tool Tracking!

Our tool tracking solutions let you flawlessly flag any tool, asset or pallet using our Mini Tags. They are small, revolutionary and brilliant!

Our Mini Tags provide a number of advantages including;

  • A powerful fleet tracking platform that provides ELD compliance, 
  • Real-time visibility and transparency of any vehicle (cars, trucks, buses, etc.), 
  • Streamlines your fleet maintenance needs, records driver behavior, and reduces theft.

Best of all, R & L Fleet Management services all equipment that it sells. We value our customers and our personal attention and 5-Star service will keep your mini tags working and you will know where your equipment is.

For more information, check out our Mini GPS Asset Tags & Tool Tagging System.

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