MDVR System

Birds Eye Visibility For Your Fleet
With Up To 8 Video Channels

Wireless Links MDVR recorder brings a new video dimension to your fleet, allowing you to capture up to 8 video channels and stream them to the Fleet.Net Cloud, providing you a complete 360° view of each and every truck within your fleet. 

Ideal for Transportation, School Bus, Field Service & Passenger Transit Fleets. 

Video Proof Your Fleet

Protect against false claims and quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case. 

360° Visibility

Easily install up to 8 cameras in each vehicle including dual dash cam, side, rear and interior cameras and an optional in-cab monitor

Capture On Demand

Capture and upload photos and videos on demand for key events such as PTO, Emergency, Driver Behavior events and more. 


  • Dual Facing Dash Camera – Capturing Both The Road And The Driver
  • Interior Camera- Monitor Activity Within Vehicle
  • External/Side Cameras- Capture All Angles Outside Of Vehicles And Eliminate Blind Spots
  • Rear Camera – Back Up Camera With Optional In-Cab Screen For Driver
  • In-Cab Monitor 7″ Or 10″

One Cloud Platform
To See The Full Picture

With the Fleet.Net Cloud, you have complete visibility over all your video based events. As the MDVR captures and uploads Driver Behavior, SOS or PTO based events, Fleet.Net will automatically label them and organize them in the Safety Dashboard with the exact time and location of each event giving you a complete birds-eye-view over your operations.

Fleet.Net also makes it easy to download video footage on demand from each specific camera.

Additional Features

  • On-Demand Live View And On-Demand Historical Video Retrieval
  • Up To 2TB Built-In Storage
  • Easy To Install
  • Easily Export/Retrieve Video Footage
  • Supports Up To 8 Cameras And An In-Cab Monitor
  • Works Over WiFi And Optional 4G
  • Continuous Recording While The Vehicle Is Switched On
  • Snap And Upload Photos And Videos For Input Based Events (PTO)
  • Optional SOS Panic Button

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