Introducing Mini IoT tags integrated with Fleet Management

Introducing The Revolutionary Mini IoT Tags For Equipment & Tool Tracking Easily tag any high value asset, tool or equipment with the small & robust Mini IoT Tags to gain visibility on your entire asset inventory, maximize asset utilization rates, prevent theft and know the last location of every asset or tool. We offer 2 options for equipment and tool tracking integrated with fleet management: 1. Via PII Telematics Device: In addition to its many fleet management functionalities, Read more…

Tools that can be tracked

Don’t lose your expensive tools! Give tool location tracking a try.

Hi Everyone, Let’s connect if you’re interested in NOT losing your expensive tools. Take a look at our short video highlighting the benefits of our tool tracking solutions (click on the image above to watch it). Please contact me or review our FAQ if you’re interested in learning more. Have a Calmness of Mind, Loving, Joyful, Peaceful Day!!! Angelina Liner

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Lost Welders, Leaf Blowers, and Chain Saws… Oh my!

Have you ever lost a really expensive piece of equipment? If you have, you already know how costly, frustrating, time consuming, and somewhat humbling of an experience that can be. At R&L Fleet Management, we’re offering an end to those headaches through our easy to use and cost effecting Mini Tags solution to track your small construction tools, landscaping tools, etc. If you’re interested, we’re here to help! Contact us today and we’ll get you Read more…

Is it time for a new GPS Tracking Provider or a new Hours of Service ELD Provider?

Hi Everyone, Angelina here wanting you to know that at R&L Fleet Management, we go the distance! We go far and wide to EXCEED the expectations of our customers.Regardless of the miles between us, we guarantee that we can deliver on our commitment to you. NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET – TO GET STARTED. R&L Fleet Management Provides: Basic GPS Tracking $26-36/m Hours of Service ELD Systems (you can use your own device) $59-69/m Trailer Read more…