Why R&L Fleet Management?

R&L Fleet Management provides the systems you want with THE SERVICE YOU NEED!

Powerful & Easy to Setup Solutions

R&L Fleet Management offers a variety of GPS Tracking and HOS ELD Solutions. We customize our devices and tools to fit any solution.

Second-to-None Customer Service

R&L Fleet Management is a locally owned, family run business. The value that brings to you and your fleet is fast, friendly service that keeps your fleet fully operational and on the road.

Industry Leading Guarantees

R&L Fleet Management promises you an easy, scalable, and 100% glitch-free experience. Sign up with us and get a LIFETIME Warranty on our GPS Equipment.

Manage & Monitor Your Fleet

Easy, Scalable, Certified 100% Glitch-Free ELD Solutions

We are so confident, if our system fails due to product malfunction, you’ll receive 3 months FREE for the effected truck!


Eliminating your need for an extra data plan for Fleet Management and ELD Compliance, optional dual facing cameras, and requiring less expensive WiFi-only tablets.

Dual-Facing Dashcams

Smart Dual-Facing Dashcam provides 24/7 recording for your fleet for safety, and peace of mind with optional dashcam expansions.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

A powerful fleet tracking platform that provides ELD compliance, real-time visibility and transparency of any vehicle (cars, trucks, buses, etc.).

GPS Asset Tracking

Fast and simple deployments. Rapid detection and recovery of stolen equipment. A cloud-based platform with you real-time updates.

Container & Dumpster Tracking

Easy pick-up, drop-off, and last location tracking of your dumpster rentals, waste management, recycling, construction, and environmental service containers.

Tool Tracking with Mini Tags

Tool tracking allows to flawlessly flag any tool, asset or pallet using our Mini Tags. They are small, revolutionary, brilliant and ELD compliant!

What Our Clients Say

Kevin J.

R&L Fleet Management, their team is always checking on our GPS units for us and checking in with us to see how we are doing with the website, the product and they keep us up to date on the newest technology available. Their product is 100% reliable just like their customer service.

Scott M.

We know we can always count on R&L Fleet Management answering the phone, responding to all our needs. They provide immediate service, and the product is GREAT. We highly recommend R&L Fleet Management.


We can go elsewhere for our fleet management needs. However, with R&L, we only need to make one phone call to talk with someone that picks up phone and offers us immediate help. We simply can’t get that anywhere else.

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